3.11 – the 6th anniversary of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami 2017.3.11

ohata_sayonarasankaku It will take a long time to reconstruct the affected area and continuous support is necessary.
However winter always turns to spring!!

11 March 2017

work:Shintaro Ohata “Sayonara sankaku”

Collage Senryu originated by Shibata,Yodogawa Technique @ Yamagata Newspaper’s weekly column 2017.2.28

Yamagata Newspaper’s weekly column by Mr.Kazuhisa ABE has been introducing Collage Senryu originated by Hideaki Shibata,Yodogawa Technique. The articles appeared already on 6 &27 February and more colums to come!
*”Senryu” is one of the traditional Japanese poetries like “Haiku”.
Photo:Shibata and members of “Collage Senryu club”

Happy Lunar New Year 2017! 2017.1.28

Happy Lunar New Year!!!
kazuharu_ishikawa_tadaima_onmoon work: Kazuharu ISHIKAWA ,”On Moon”,2014,wool and cotton onpanel

《Last 2days!》”Kosho ITO and Enpei ITO Exhibition” @Roppongi Hills A/D gallery 2017.1.27

“Kosho ITO and Enpei ITO Exhibition” being held at Roppongi Hills A/D gallery is closing in 2 days.Don’t miss i!t!

Title:”Kosho ITO and Enpei ITO Exhibition”
venue:Roppongi Hills A/D gallery
Date:January 13 – 29,2017 

Kosho Ito × Enpei Ito Exhibition @Roppongi Hills A/D Gallery 2017.1.12

“Kosho ITO and Enpei ITO Exhibition” is starting tomorow at Roppongi Hills A/D gallery.
enpei AD gallery
Title:”Kosho ITO and Enpei ITO Exhibition”
venue:Roppongi Hills A/D gallery
Date:January 13 – 29,2017 

Work:Enpei ITO “Miiya Hooya in seaweed forest” , 2017, Oil on canvas,162×130cm

New Year’s Greetings 2017 2017.1.12

It is too late to say,but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
May this year brings you good luck and lots of happiness!!

January 2017
Work above: Akira YOSHIDA “Treasure cat” 2010

Winter holidays 2016.12.31

YUKARI ART will be closed for winter holidays until 11th of January 2017.
Please kindly note that there may be some delays in replying to your inquiries during the period above.
We appreciate your generous cooperation and understanding on this matter.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year!

Work;Shintaro OHATA “Whistle” 2008

Happy holidays! 2016.12.22

ko_iamstandinghere Wishing you a festive season filled with laughter, joy and many memories!
Happy holidays☺️

work:高あみ Ami KO “I am standing here” 2012

《Short movie!》Kazuharu ISHIKAWA@SODA museum,Korea 2016.12.20

Short movie about Kazuhau ISHIKAWA@SODA museum,Korea.

【Photos vol.4】Kazuharu ISHIKAWA works @SODA museum,Korea 2016.12.7

ishikawa-soda-4-2ishikawa-soda-4-1ishikawa-soda-4-3Photos of Kazuharu ISHIKAWA works at SODA Museum in Korea.
We will update more later!