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April 5 to 7, 2019.

I visited Naoshima.



For the maintenance.

However I found the condition of all my works was good.

I decided to do them more vividly because it is spring !



" Chiro "



" A quiet cat "



" Un " of  " a - un "


And " A cancel boy ", " The leaves ", " Azalea ", too.

Then I listened a singing voice of a little blue bird.

That's why the white sign at " A " of  " a - un " changed to blue.



I know vivid is not only absolute answer but I wanted to respond to the season.

At the same time, this is the start of the collaboration with the Sun.

The colors will be gradually calm.

Sometimes it will rain.

The expression of my works changes everyday.

You can see the precious expressions only the time you visit.


By the way, what's this navy blue cloth?

The sun will answer it about one year after.



At last, about " Ring of smiling ".

2010, I drew it with a green yarn.

2012, I  changed the composition.

2017, I covered the line with chips of fallen leaves in autumn.

In this time,  I walked in the hill and collected fallen leaves and petals.

And minced them. It was ready...



Red and pink are camellia and cherry blossoms.

I knew they would turn into yellowish-brown naturally in a few days but I did want to copy the scene of hills.

Therefore this state is extra rare.

There are my works anytime. However they are not same everyday.

If you post on instagram, please attach the following hashtags.

Then many photos will show us the changing of my works.








After I left Naoshima, I visited Uno-port.

There are " Chinu, Uno " and " Uno Kochinu "  of Yodogawa Technique.

They have been just renewed with fresh garbage recently.

I sat to a slightly elevated lawn and had lunch to a back with the sea and a double cherry blossom.

It was the best ideal day for Garbage viewing!



The interesting world that beauty and ugliness, humor and critical mind coexists.

I recommend them.



Thank you.




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