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installation view of  " Two ways towards..."





"  Crescent moon boat  "

2019,    wool, acrylic, canvas, panel, etc.    91.8 x 66.2 cm (trapezoid)

Diary date: Oct.3, 2014



I've said that..

In the first, there is line.

Next, I think the shape of canvas.

Now, this work is the trapezoid.

Do you say 'Really?'

The bottom side is long 1cm, and the left side inclines just a little, actually.

It is OK you don't realize it

because I don't want to insist it.

I thought this secret ingredient would give you more comfortable feeling.

And then, yarn protrudes a little to upper right.





In this time, the archive of the process is left on the side.

There is my sign too.






" Two ways towards... "

Jan.10 - Feb.2, 2020,  everyday 12:00 ~ 20:00

@ roppongi hills A/D gallery




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