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Setouchi Triennale 2022 has started!

Though we have been still in Pandemic,

I feel the infection control by all of you is holding it down considerably.

So I praise you !

But on the other hand, the dilemma continues.. because

the movement of the people increases the probability of infection,

Even under the oppression and the melancholy, the power to survive should be lurking.

Was my action right or wrong? I don't know which but i did visit NAOSHIMA before the Triennale.

There is my representative work on the outside-wall of former 'Rose Cosmetics Store'.

Yes, that is the same name as the masterpiece of Amanda McBroom ' The Rose ',

when I found that, I could feel I came to do a precious work for us.


With mask, without any staff, and a short stay.

Nevertheless, the fate had come.

You can see a smily photograph taken by the visitor happened to be there.


I say that is the joy we are here today.



photo by & thanks to JIBIKI_san, 2022



Now I do say ' Don't worry ' though if you cannot come to see this Triennale.

I can show you the archives of the interesting ' process ' in this time too.

Just a moment please till the next blog !


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