ENPEI ITO online exhibition
October 14 – November 28, 2012

Please enjoy Enpei Ito's online exhibition.He is currrently participating in "ZIPANGU" exhibtion in the Niigata Bandaijima Art Museum.


"untitled white" ,2012,oil on canvas,145.3×89.5cm

"untitled white" ( 3 pieces in one set ),2012,oil on canvas,91×60.5cm each

" series ceramic",2012,clay・fallen leaves and twigs,
Left H14.5×W17×D20cm Right H17×W15×D17cm
※exhibition view from "A large exhibition of a small forest"

"drawing",2012,pencil and colored pencil on paper/45.5×38cm each

"Endogeous I",2012,oil on canvas,194×162cm
※This work is currently exhibited in "Zipangu" exhibition.


A message from the artist

I have been blessed to have the opportunity to interact with the forest , since I was born ,raised and still live in the foothills in the countryside.
When I am in the forest, I can feel incredibly lots of lives.
It is not only something I can actually see.
I can also hear breathing inside trees, feel the movement of roots spreading in the ground...and more.
There is a flow of life that never stops in the forest.

I mainly do paintings using oil and sculptures in ceramic.
In painting,I use highly viscous clear oil and put them on canvas over and over until a shape gradually comes up.
It is like the birth of a new life on the Mother Earth called canvas.

My sculptures as in paintings are also created by the clash between the contingency and my own theme.
By using clay as well as natural objects, such as fallen leaves collected from forest,I work over and over until I can feel various
lives from the objects I create.

I hope I can reach out to viewers deeper to express in both paintings and sculptures which resonate with each other.


Other works and bio of the artist: ENPEI ITO
※If you have any inquiries on these works, please contact us.

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