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展覧会の詳細はこちら:「呼吸する環礁〜モルディブ・日本 現代美術展」の帰国展
過去のモルディブ滞在日記:第1弾 & 第2弾

「モルディブってどこ?〜淀川テクニックin モルディブ共和国」第3弾!






“Where on earth is Maldives?”

~Yodogawa-Technique in Republic of Maldives・vol.3,the final chapter~

(Please click here for vol.1 and vol.2 )

We have picked up a lot of garbage in various places so far, and created many art works using them. Garbage found in each place highlights how the local people live. I felt that garbage in Male, in particular, where no trash bins are available, gave me a large amount of information.

 What kind of water do people drink? What kind of foods do they eat? What kind of belief do they possess? Political issues especially are a matter of life or death for those living there. However, for an outsider who is there only to pick up garbage, these problems can not be so significant.I felt kind of sorry for it.
However, the important thing is that to realize what is going on in somewhere far from us is never be somebody else’s problem.

Toward the end of our stay, we went to an inhabitant island by boat, which is an hour away from Male.
We had been to a resort island before, and impressed by the beauty of tropical fish and coral. So, I was expecting a very colorful place. Actually there were nothing but white sand of shoal continued for about 300m, the sea which is as transparent as air, and a total silence.It was so silent that it could even make people go crazy.

In fact, this is the sea which I wrote about in the beginning, the sea which made me feel “It is almost another world! ". When I stood on the shoal far from the shore starring at the waves which come and go repeatedly folding complexly, I was not able to think of anything. I experienced a strange sensation as if I were in the amniotic fluid to evoke my own identity as a living creature.

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