YUKARI ART CONTEMPORARY's 3rd year anniversary exhibition vol.1
'it's a wonderful life!'
by Shintaro OHATA, Daisuke KATAYAMA and Ami KO
Nov 18(Thu) - Dec 11(Sat), 2010

Shintaro OHATA ‘loop’ 2010 canvas, acrylic, foam polystyrene, Japanese paper, wood, metal 130.3×194cm(painting), H190xW150xD70cm(sculpture) ©Shintaro Ohata

YUKARI ART CONTEMPORARY is pleased to announce the three-year anniversary exhibition ‘it’s a wonderful life!’ featuring Shintaro Ohata, Daisuke Katayama and Ami Ko. The exhibition will open on Saturday 18 November 2010 at our gallery’s space in Meguro, Tokyo.

October marked our third anniversary, and we would like to thank you all for supporting us since our opening. To kick off the celebrations, we are hosting ‘it’s a wonderful life!’ - named after the old American film.

The exhibition will feature works by three artists:

Shintaro Ohata is one of our lead artists, and was the first artist to exhibit his works at YUKARI ART CONTEMPORARY. He expresses daily unintentional scenes as if they were frames in graphic novels.

Daisuke Katayama has recently joined as one of our management artists. He uses picture-book colours to paint scenes from his unique imaginary world.

Ami Ko is another new addition to our select band of artists. Ami uses her work to express her feelings on day-to-day living not only as a woman, but also as someone whose identity is split between two countries as a result of being born in Japan with Korean nationality.

We would like to invite you to reflect on the miracle of life by experiencing how three different emerging artists represent the here and the now. Sharing this dynamic and exciting aspect of contemporary art is one of the broader aims of YUKARI ART CONTEMPORARY, as we only work with young contemporary artists.

Thank you very much again for your support.

Daisuke KATAYAMA 'fish met fish at a crossing' 2010 mixed media H200xW50xD50cm ©Daisuke Katayama

Ami KO 'OMEN—sorry! but I'm not interested in that anymore. returning is for nothing. everything is myself anyway!' 2009 ceramic, water colour, acrylic size variable ©Ami Ko

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