We are pleased to announce that "YUKARI ART mini", a tiny window gallery launched last year ( November, 2018 ) in Nakameguro, Tokyo has started its fourth exhibition.

YUKARI ART mini Vol.4 " Kazuharu ISHIKAWA"

Artist:" Kazuharu ISHIKAWA"
Work:" On My Earth "
Media:Yarn and acrylic on canvas

Display window of WIN Building 1F, 3-6-11 Kamimeguro Meguro-ku,Tokyo,Japan
*As this space is located on the ground floor of a private property, please be considerate of others and keep the noise level down. Thank you very much for your generous cooperation!

Click here for YUKARI ART mini vol.1 "Akira YOSHIDA"
Click here for YUKARI ART mini vol.2 "Shintaro OHATA"
Click here for YUKARI ART mini vol.3 "Yodogawa Technique"

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