Yodogawa Technique's latest artwork "ReHOPE POSTER" has been completed!

This artwork was created under the cooperation of TBS Televison, I&S BBDO Inc. and Minami-cho in Tokushima Prefecture, to promote a TV drama "JAPAN SINKS - People of Hope" which will be broadcasted by TBS Televison from 10th of October, 2021

The motif of this artwork is Japanese islands.
Yodogawa Technique stayed in Minami-cho and created the artwork with garbage and drifted objects that he picked up at the seaside in Minami-cho with the local people.

Minami-cho is a small town along the southern coast of Tokushima Prefecture which was deeply damaged by tsunami for several times in the history. In the event of a next massive earthquake such as Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, 99% of the houses in the Yuki Bay area of this town is predicted to be badly affected.

As a result of an increase in the number of people leaving the town due to the fear of tsunami, Minami-cho is depopulated even before the actual earthquake occurs.

People in the area are worried that they will not be able to rebuild the town anymore if tsunami from huge earthquake hit next time.

Therefore they think that it is important for them to keep working hard with "hope" that there will be a future, and they wanted something that would be a "symbol of hope.

Meanwhile Yodogawa Technique has been active as an artist since 2003. He has been to various places all over Japan and overseas, and creating artworks on-site with garbage and drifted objects that he picked up from the place.

He says " Garbage is something abandoned and without a soul, so I want to change it into something cute or cool and with a soul that you cannot abandon."

The message of this "ReHOPE POSTER" project is
"Hope never sinks, unless you abandon it."
which coincides with the theme of the drama "JAPAN SINKS - People of Hope".

This artwork will be exhibited at Akasaka Biz Tower in Tokyo from 9th of October, 2021 before returning to Minami-cho.

Date and Time:9th through 30th of October, 2021.
11:00 am ~ 19:00 pm everyday
Venue:"TBS Autumn Drama Exhibition" held at the 2nd floor of Akasaka Biz Tower

Click here for details:https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000116.000001001.html ( Press Release in Japanese)

Concept movie of the artwork:https://youtu.be/p6lH0yK6kAc

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