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I decided to write the environmental theory that Yodo Tech thinks.

Speaking of environmental theory, I think of key words such as "global warming" and "marine pollution", "friendly to the earth" or "sustainable society".

However, why is the Yodogawa technique, which has worked by picking up garbage as much as necessary without pinpointing such a thing at all? Why is it environmental theory now?

Why is the Yodogawa technique continuing to make works using garbage? Because I want to reveal.

Actually this question is also often heard in an interview. And I started to think about it recently.

So far, I have answered such questions as "from fun" or "because the texture of garbage is interesting" as much as possible.

Of course these answers are also within reasons, but I think that there is an answer that snaps into a deeper place when asking yourself within yourself.

And by using environmental problems on this question, I believe that people other than me can understand the problems I am trying to address.

Even though the theory of environmental issues is not the purpose of presenting at academic societies, I intend to cut from familiar places with the words I know, but as I think about familiar things, it leads to global things unintentionally It might be, and it may also wander in the world of delusions by passing.

In fact I think that it will be quite long. Since I plan to summarize my thoughts while studying and interviewing, my opinion may change somewhere along the way.

So it is nice to have Yodo-Tech "pre"environmental theory read as a record of thought of a garbage artist.

to be continued













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