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December, 2018.

At Sawaragi-cho, omiya-dori, Jokyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, KYOTO.

I was invited by Art Fiber Endo and made a new work there.


" You are free to use all thread and yarn in this shop."

It was a luxury like a dream as if I arrived at the candy house.

I said to myself  " cool it, cool it ! "


Though I'd brought an efficient plan not to bother everyone,

sure enough, it was overturned by the inspiration given from the actual items here.


There was the tasteful ASHIDO in front of me. It was so old thing. And it was strong and light.

ASHIDO is the door made with woods and reeds.

I tryed to haul in an invisible thread.

Many warmths of hands of people had toughed it.

Many winds had gone through it.

It had stood by the lives of KYOTO.


This is the canvas in this time. This is a collaboration.

Though I had planed the composition that my line would avoid the bars as much as possible,

I decided to change it for the more more better bodily sensation at actual spot.

I tryed to overcome the difficult bumps! Fight!

Moreover, I decided not to use the thick rope which I set up beforehand

because threads of delicate hand dyeing fascinated me.

Staff of the shop and two of photographers had already prepared to cooperate  in my challenge overall before my asking.

I felt them to be my friends from my boyhood. Thanks!

We were going to the completion little by little...



Soft linen thread of hand dyeing was piled up  several levels carefully.

This part is inconspicuous but very important preparation.


The top layer is the unique cotton thread.

Red, orange, yellow and white like to be gifted from the blight autumn of Kyoto.

I hear that shop manager had dyed it while humming.

Her happy-go-lucky is so good.

Random gradation shines happily.


Various threads were used.



I had a mission ' make a signboard '

but it was so freely creation containing various examinations.

I drew a thread with a thread for the first time.

It can be the indoor work at the same time it is the outdoor work. That interests myself.

It will be set on the street or leaned against the door or exhibited inside of the shop,

or may go on a business trip anywhere.

You can see it whenever Art Fiber Endo is open. Why don't you come Kyoto?


By the way,

a movie was shot by ardent hope of Art Fiber Endo.

It has finished like a travel program.

I strolled in the neighborhood, and played with carps, and found an old signboard of JINTAN...

Scenes cut on account of the editing is also good memory.


Just in the timing that I would say the tittle on the movie,

I felt this name came from the shinning sky.

That is " KANBAN - MUSUME "

meaning " Poster girl ".

I hope that she comes to be loved in this town.


" Poster girl "

2018, thread on ASHIDO,  170 x 50 x 5 cm.

Artist is Kazuharu ISHIKAWA

Photo by Takumi Goto

Movie by documentary labo

Supported by Art Fiber Endo & YUKARI ART

Special thanks to everyone of KYOTO



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