Shintaro OHATA online exhibition
“ If ”



Please enjoy Shintaro OHATA's latest works!

「if」, 130.3 × 97 ×37.5cm, mixed media, 2013


“Into the light”, 62.5×62.5cm, acrylic on canvas, 2013

“raindrop”, 60.5×60.5cm, acrylic on canvas,2013

A message from the artist

Everybody might've ever experienced "If", the title of this exhibition and unforgettable moment of turning points in life.You might be able to recall the time vividly.
Even if the decision made at that point seemd to be sad and negative,I had ever felt that the world around me at that moment looked something fresh and tender.

What I depict is ordinary scenes in everyday life.However,for the character painted in my work,that scenery is very special.
I believe when the scene I expressed somehow connects with viewers of my work,every kind of feeling "packed" into the work will be released.

Duzzling and enfolding light of sunset,tiny raindrops reflecting car lights,the atmosphere right before the sun setting on a skyline...these 3 new works are created to preserve memories etched into somebody's past and make those past memories twinkle.

It would make me really happy if my thoughts could be conveyed to all of you.

Other works and bio of the artist: Shintaro OHATA
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