YUKARI ART is pleased to announce that we are holding an exhibition "Shibuya Neko Hariko and its friends" at Shibuya HIKARIE 8/CUBE in Tokyo from 3rd through to the 9th of January, 2024.

This is a group show by 5 Japanese artists we represent; Kazuharu ISHIKAWA, Shintaro OHATA,Yui FUJINAGA, Akira YOSHIDA, and Yodogawa Technique.


We have planned this exhibition to celebrate our "pre" 20th year anniversary in 2025. Meanwhile preparing for the show, one of our artists Akira YOSHIDA confronted an incident in 2022 that his sculpture "Shibuya Neko Hariko" which was commissioned to display at the roof top bar of a hotel in the centre of Shibuya, was altered without the artist's authorization at all only after 2 years from completion of the piece.

Thanks to over 10,000 signatures we collected at Change.org, Yoshida was able to successfully retrieve his work and its ownership in April, 2023. Since then, he has devoted himself to restore the artwork. After about 7 months,Yoshida has recently completed the restoration!

Thus we have decided to feature this revived "Shibuya Neko Hariko" in our group artists' exhibition.

Please come and enjoy our artists' works, and celebrate the rebirth of "Shibuya Neko Hariko" and the beginning of Year 2024 together!

Exhibition Title:"Shibuya Neko Hariko and its friends"
Date:3rd thru 9th of January, 2024
Venue:Shibuya Hikarie 8/CUBE

Artists:Kazuharu ISHIKAWA, Shintaro OHATA,Yui FUJINAGA, Akira YOSHIDA, and Yodogawa Technique

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